A Few Simple Steps to Better Handle the Process of Condemnation Under Eminent Domain

Will you be prepared if your land happens to be seized for public use? The process of a party claiming property from a landowner is called condemnation. Despite having the power of eminent domain, condemners do have some restrictions. Here are three issues to consider when dealing with condemnation. Consider Property Value You should not... read more

Be Aware of Eminent Domain Projects in Your City with the Help of Our McAllen Lawyers

There’s no better time to be aware of your state and federal laws than now. Homeowners should be aware of the current application of eminent domain that their government officials are in charge of. What is Eminent Domain? Simply put, eminent domain describes the state or federal government’s ability to seize property from land- and... read more

Planning Your Estate: Knowing the Difference Between Probate and Non–Probate Assets

A major step in estate planning includes determining your assets and deciding which items you’d like to leave to your heirs, close friends, and acquaintances. It may sound daunting at first to categorize everything you own, however, deciding can be easy once you know what a probate and a non–probate asset is. Our estate planning... read more

Three Misconceptions About Estate Planning

Most people have an idea of how a will can benefit their loved ones, but there is some debate about how wills help every family situation.  Even the simple myth that only families with a high income are able to afford a will is wrong. Below we have written out three misconceptions of estate planning.... read more

Planning Your Will, Assets and Choosing Heirs with Our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

Estate planning may seem overwhelming from a far glance, but when given strict attention, we can track that every asset in your household is given to the heir(s) that you have in mind. Before planning your will with the help of our attorneys, you should first create a list of all of your assets and... read more

3 Things You Should Know About When it Comes to Drafting a Will

In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of drafting a will. In this piece, however, our probate lawyers in McAllen want to share some things that you should know when drafting your will. Whether you already have one in place or are thinking about starting one from scratch, we want to help you. Avoid Writing... read more

Take a Closer Look at How the Probate Process Works with Our Lawyers in McAllen

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Help with Your Estate Planning

Estate planning, by our attorneys in McAllen, is a process that can save your loved ones some serious headaches after your passing. To many, estate planning seems like an exclusive, unattainable ordeal. In reality, though, everyone should have a plan ready to go. In our last blog, we discussed the importance of estate planning. In... read more

Estate Planning 101: A Few Important Things You Should Know

Many of us don’t often consider what might happen to our belongings after our passing. We might simply assume that family members will distribute them amongst themselves. Or maybe it can all be donated for a good cause. However, the reality is that many times, belongings of a deceased can get mixed up in legal... read more

3 Reasons Why Preparing a Will is Well Worth Your Time and Effort

Between work, friends, family and social time, life can get pretty hectic. The last thing on many of our minds at the end of the day is wondering what would become of our belongings if something ever happened to us. Possessions such as our home, vehicles, jewelry, furniture, etc.? A court will most likely decide... read more