Buying a Home: What to Know About the Process and Why an Attorney Should Help You – Part 2

In our previous post, we went over a few pointers about the (sometimes) difficult process of purchasing a home. As we mentioned in that piece, home-buying can be a tough, nerve-racking and long process. Deciding on simple things like which part of a town or city to live in, nearby locations that you’ll enjoy and... read more

Buying a Home: What to Know About the Process and Why an Attorney Should Help You – Part 1

Purchasing a home can and will be one of the most significant experiences one will ever go through. The process of searching for the perfect house and deciding how it will be paid for can take weeks or even months. It’s something that should be done with great care and oversight. It also happens to... read more

Construction Law 101: The Basics of This Very Important Field

Construction law is one of the most overlooked subfields of law, and as such, topics that fall within it tend to go unknown to the general public. The main reason is, of course, only those within the construction field are familiar with these issues. The good thing is that there are many practicing attorneys that... read more

A Brief Overview of what Commercial Litigation is and How it Works

One of the most common legal fields practiced by attorneys is commercial litigation. This typically involves disputes of all types that result in business and includes partnership disputes, business torts, contract negotiations, shareholder disagreements, etc. Our lawyers in McAllen understand that in order to be a successful commercial litigator, one must have the ability to... read more

10 Questions to Ask Before and During Your Child’s Upcoming IEP Meeting

If you’re the parent of a special needs child, then you may have already had a few Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings with their educators and school administrators. If you’ve yet to participate in one, however, then you should know that there are several questions to ask before and during the process to help make... read more

Why You Should Consider Having Legal Representatives Present for Your Child’s IEP Meeting

If you’re the parent of a child with a disability, your involvement in any decisions regarding his or her special education and anything else relating to it is extremely important for their academic success and development. Fortunately, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grants you, as a parent, to be involved in your child’s Individualized... read more

5 Factors That Can Make Your First Ranch or Farm Purchase Easier

Owning a ranch or farm can be one of the most rewarding experiences for you and your family. The thought of rural living, fresh air and spending the nights gazing at clear skies that can’t be found in the city are extremely appealing. However, there are many pitfalls that many new prospective buyers aren’t aware... read more

Consider These 3 Important Factors Before Purchasing Your First Real Estate Property

Everyone at some point has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner. If you’ve finally decided to take the big step of owning your own business, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of buying your first commercial property. Doing so can help you avoid the headaches involved in buying, leasing, choosing... read more

What You Can do to Negotiate a Favorable Lease for Your Business

Knowing how to pick a good commercial lease for your business is an important part of its growth, and negotiating one is an even more important aspect of becoming successful. Never forget that real estate lease agreements tend to favor landlords since they usually prepare them. At Fryer and Hansen, we’ll make sure to help... read more

Real Estate Closing Disputes and What You Can do to Avoid Them

When dealing with real estate, there will always be a chance of disagreements involving a contract due to a variety of reasons. This can lead to timely and costly litigation, which is why it’s extremely important to understand common issues and planning for them to avoid disputes. One of the biggest obstacles one may encounter... read more