Estate Planning

Planning for what will become of your belongings after your passing is something that not many look forward to. This process lies within probate law and involves two primary topics: estate planning and wills. It’s understandable to be apprehensive and extremely cautious about the process, but that’s where legal guidance can be of great help. Our attorneys are more than familiar with how important probate law is and can provide the legal help you need in determining how to go about the estate planning process.

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the legal distribution of personal assets and property in accordance to the wishes of the person who owns these items, known as a testator. Estate planning involves the preparation of last wills and testaments, how the wishes of a testator will be carried out should he/she become incapacitated due to injury or illness, establishing a power of attorney and the handling of other important legal documents involving how property will be controlled and distributed.

Estate planning is a very important legal aspect since it helps prevent courts from having to distribute personal items themselves, which could result in issues for the deceased’s family and friends. One of the most important subtopics of estate planning is the formation and execution of wills.


Wills list beneficiaries and how the distribution of a person’s estate will be handled. When preparing a will, an extreme amount of care must be taken to ensure that they follow the laws of the State of Texas in order to be considered legal. If a person passes away without having drafted one of these documents, then a probate court will do so instead.

A lack of a will can result in many complications for the deceased’s family. An executor can also be named in a will. This person will oversee how personal property will be distributed and can be a close friend, family member or an attorney of the deceased’s.

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Probate law can be a very complex and difficult legal area to deal with without the help of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys on your side. If you require assistance with your estate planning efforts, then know that we can help you. Contact our lawyers in McAllen today to get started or for more information about our services.